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Your most frequent typo
Seems our fingers get properly muddled then Wink

surprise.... don't know why I keep messing this up.

And of course...responsible...that somehow is really hard too.

I find that in words with double letters (weed, boom etc.) I double the wrong letter when typing at speed (wedd, bomm etc.).

Many of the typos discussed in this rhread arise from the peculiarities of British english which has stolen so much from other languages that the rules, such as they are have become incomprehensible.

If you have a minute to waste have a look at this,

English is Tough Stuff.

Even if english is your first language it's hard going, if you're learning english you have my sympathy.

English is my second language, but somehow I think other languages are much harder, French is such a bitch, I love it.

I have a bad habit of typing so fast that sometimes the 'y' doesn't get attached to 'they'. I usually notice, and I don't have such an issue with other words, but I'm always ending up with 'the' and since that's a real word of course, thus not triggering autocheck, I need to be sure I'm double-checking myself Smile

As for just screwing up a word, I struggle with words that have one set of double letters but seem like they could have two sets. For example, I question vacuum as should it be vaccuum and occasion as should it be occassion... The word I screwed up at a spelling bee in elementary though is registration (which I started spelling registeration), and I've never had an issue with that one since Smile

I'm going to miss my mum's misspelling rehearsal as "rehearsel" now. She didn't often misspell but that was one word she never got right lately... wonder why?
I'll never know. Cry:confused::frown::tongue:

interesting Wrote:surprise.... don't know why I keep messing this up.

And of course...responsible...that somehow is really hard too.
I think Surprise often comes out as suprise with one R missing... indeeed.

I often forget to put the negative in my sentence. Like not, or n't at the end of the word... creates confusion at times :p

So it does, Xrimo!

I just can't spell.:redface:

So my recent adoption of Google Chrome will hopefully do me some good.:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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