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Have any of you guys dated someone on gayspeak?
If I had someone nearby and on here then I guess. Im open to whatever comes my way lol Just depends on what destiny/fate has in store for me Smile

are you thinking of dating or just having sex there is a differance unbeknown to the gay comunity as a whole, not to say there are some indeviduals who know the differance however you will never know untill you try if you wish to be stuck in cyber go for it but if you realy want to know someone meet up makeit a public place with many people and TRUST YOUR GUT if you get a bad feeling be polite of course but get out of there. I have noticed not many put up a real pic those i would not meet but if they are honest enough to put up a face pic go for it

Snow Wrote:i feel the same way
never know who to trust now adays

I don't feel the same way. If I was to meet someone online and decide to meet in person, I would pick a specific place to meet a good distance from my home, make sure the place is relatively crowded, and if for any reason it seems dodgy, I can always bring a weapon - a small knife or some such. My point that fear of the internet and the unknown can be a huge controller in your life, and so it's good to have perspective, and meet prepared for anything *grins*.

i woud like a boyfrind on here becase peple is nice to me .and i not now any gayman exepet on here

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