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hello all
Hi Welcome! I am waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy out of your age range:biggrin: but I wish you luck all the same

Mr. Lonely Wrote:what is the best time to go into the chats I have been there twice and no one there

Advertise it in the shoutbox and whoever's online might join you there, D... :p

OK now i just have to find the shout box RIIIIIGHT

Hi and welcome to GS.

With a Mr Lonely and a Mr Pancake on this forum, it seems we have some Mr Men fans here.

Thank you for your welcome Rychard you chose the name of my favorite GAY king good for you

welcome to the forums Big Grin

Thank you for your welcome. Who is Mr. Men???????

Mr.Men is a series of childrens' books. I used to read them when I was smaller, I loved them! There's Mr.Strong, Mr.Nosey, Mr.Small, Mr.Uppity etc. and they're all what their name implies them to be. Gosh, I'm getting back so many good memories.

Thank you Tuxsky for your information It must be a british set of books as i had not heard of them. I mean not popular in the states. mabe you could lend a hand i have checked every button on this sight where do i find the shout box

Mr. Lonely Wrote:OK now i just have to find the shout box RIIIIIGHT

Top blue bar just after the USER CP bar IT's actually called CHAT BOX!!

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