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It 's Halloween!!??





Since a few years in germany Halloween is known, too. Before it was only the day before AllHallow....
But for me its the highest Celebrations day of the year...
I will stay at home... doing what pagans do on Samhain.... and I must be peacefully and nice *g

blessed be fen and may the goddess smile upon you.
oh yes i am going out as a cab driver lol

Mr. Lonely Wrote:blessed be fen and may the goddess smile upon you.
oh yes i am going out as a cab driver lol

be blessed, too. May the light of the goddess be always on your way and lighten the dark nights of the coming winter.

I saw an amazing Clockwork Orange get up in town today...

white boiler suit, white jock, black converse, black bowler hat... get me some eyeliner and a cane and I'll be ready for the town Bgbad

I am not a fan of Halloween...

Before Castro Street became the gay mecca of San Francisco there was Polk Street and they had a huge Halloween celebration so one year on my way to the party I had parked somewhere in an alley off of Bush Street and was walking to Polk with my friend when I stopped to stare at this guy who was on the corner...I knew his mask and costume looked familiar to me and I was trying to place it in my mind and he was staring back at me...we were close to each other...and then all of a sudden he opened up his bloody coat and turned on his chainsaw...OMG...I almost died of fright on the spot because I realized he was dressed as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw massacre...my heart was stuck in my throat and I watched him as he ran into the crowd...he scared the crap out of me

That was my last street Halloween party LOL! I worked on Halloween for years after that in the nightclub and spent my night telling people how...err... "nice" they looked in that dressSupergrin ..,.I never put on a dress in my lifetime but for some reason that escapes me many guys end up in one on Halloween in a gay bar...and they are usually NOT very prettySupergrin

In France all cemeteries will be covered in new pots of flowers, (generally Chrisanthemums and heather, or cyclamens). They are a pretty signt in this season.

We no longer 'do' Halloween.

Used to be we would go to a party and dress up... but through the years we have settled into a quiet routine of sitting at home watching a few scary movies.

Since we moved out to the country 12 years ago (or so) we no longer get trick-or-treaters. We still buy the candy though and then we are "forced" to have to eat it ourselves. Xyxthumbs

I do still carve the Jack Olantern, which will be done tomorrow, and put it out to keep the bad spirits away Wink

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