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Zombies ate my neighbors!
Hi guys! With Holloween just around the corner, I think things should be a little more festive here. So I thought that maybe we could do a story time thread!

Post stories of anything scary, gross, disturbing, anything that screams Holloween! I would tell you all a story, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now. So instead I make a reeeaaallllllly "funny" and creepy joke. Here I go!

So I found another way to spell burritos (probably spelled that wrong...) Now say this 5 times fast: Birds eat toes! Get it?

Okay enough of that now! Lets hear some stories everyone!

Ahhhh...zombie stories ...I am freaking obsessed with zombies and have been all my life...they scare me and I had the worst nightmares about them for years with one picking up where the previous had left off...I posted them once on another website so I will try to find what I wrote and post it here. (Found it...that was easy LOL) I did an analysis in the original post but I didn;t include that part here because it would not be in the spirit of "scary stories" Smile.


Dreams are an endless source of fascination for me. The particular point that fascinates me is how the subconscious gathers info and what kind of connection it has to our soul and our conscious mind.

I got all the dream books I could find at the New Age Book Store once and read them all...but I found them to be useless...to me anyway. The thing that they all do is to identify what each "symbol" means...but I disagree with their analysis because we can each look at the same thing and see just as many interpretations as there are people looking. The one that got me the most was "spider" which is supposed to be "good luck" in a dream...exactly how did they come up with THAT??????

Anyway...I spend ALOT of time after I wake up trying to process my dreams and one thing I know...if you have the TV on whatever you have heard while sleeping is factored in which brings me to another question (I have more of those than answers which is probably why it fascinates me so much )...if the sleeping person's subconscious can pick up info from the TV...I wonder how much subliminal crap they force on us that we aren't even aware of? Really...think about it. It would certainly explain how we all went insane overnight and all of a sudden were interested in Britney Spears[Image: DontKnow.gif] [Image: idea.gif]

I have two dream stories...one may or may not scare the crap out of you[Image: outahere.gif] ...I will tell them when I have a bit more time.

I do the color dreams BUT I have had segments in B&W...those are usually not "fun" segments.

The dreams became fascinating to me because of the ones I had for probably 20 years...I dont' remember the first ones except that I woke up soaking wet and shaking...but as time went along...they were so vivid I remembered every detail for days...even now I remember them.

My 20 year or so dream was actually a looooooong single dream...I was being chased by zombies. I always got away from them (I could run faster)...but my Achilles heel in the dreams was my curiosity...I always wanted to figure out as much as I could about them just before I had to outrun them. I would create the best hiding places[Image: tallrofl.gif] ...and I would easily survive the "attack"...but again...my curiosity forced me to keep going outside where it was not safe. The last four dreams I had on the subject were the most vivid and most terrifying so I will tell you about them and then I will do my analysis and explain why I think they ended...and why I believe that dreams are a really important link.

SO...My 4th to last dream...I am in this huge barracks on the second floor somewhere in the south. I don't know anyone around me but we are all sleeping really close on cots...no one speaks because for some reason we are all afraid of something but we don't want to talk about it.

Well...each day when I get up...I keep noticing that the sheets and belongings of people who were formerly sleeping on the cots were gone...and each day there were fewer and fewer people. I looked outside and there was this building across the way that had bars on the windows and there were people behind the bars trying to get out...looked like hundreds of them...they were all screaming non stop which was a weird contrast to the silence in my building...plus there were no bars on the windows in my building.

As the days went by a terror was rising in me because each day there were fewer wand fewer people in my building and more and more people behind the bars screaming...and then one day...I woke up and NO ONE else was there except me and although I couldn't see who was screaming in the building with the bars...I sensed it was filled with my former "roommates"...so instead of waiting around to be the last one taken...I decided to run. I had a sense that none of the others even tried to run or bothered escaping...

So...I end up in this really weird open market in Louisiana somewhere that had a swamp nearby and these hedges that looked like the ones in The Shining (the movie with Jack Nicholson)...Since I was used to zombies being around prior to being cooped up in the building...I was surprised to see NON zombies around but something was amiss...I started seeing that the live people had made "deals" with the zombies and I sensed it was a creepy deal so I kept myself hidden and all of a sudden this midget guy pulls me into the hedges and tells me to keep really quiet and that I had to get out of there FAST...he said they "knew" I was there...so he led me through the maze of hedges and I started hearing the zombies behind me and he told me to run and he dove into the hedges to hide...so I ran and ran and ran and I got to this rickety bridge in this swamp with a house on the other side and I crossed the bridge but halfway across I hid underneath and after I heard the zombies cross it with their awful screams...I snuck back across toward the hedges and surprise...there were more! I had them on both sides now...so I jumped into the swamp to get away from them.

This is the moment I woke up shaking and soaking wet with my heart pounding through my chest...


OK...My third to last Zombie Dream (Have to do them in pieces) The funny thing about these dreams...and even the ones prior to the last four...is that they began where the last one ended and that part really fascinated me the most. BTW...I really wish I had spell check...I notice the faster I type the more words I mispell...GRRRR.

So...I hide in the swamp and carefully make my way to the land where there are no zombies and sneak out of the water...and I am now in my hometown. Where I live there are alot of mountains and lakes. So...I end up hiding in my old house and looking out of the second story at the hundreds of zombies roaming the streets and I was getting mad at them for BECOMING zombies in the first place. I mean...gee whiz...couldn't they have fought to stay alive a little bit harder? It isn't THAT hard to stay alive...I managed to do it! Didn't they know how to run???? And thanks to them...look at the mess I had to deal with [Image: tallrofl.gif]

So.....I get this idea! I go outside and I figure I would drive a couple miles to the downtown area where I get out of my car and start doing these funny dances to taunt them...and I manage to get a crowd of them following me...so I go down every street and round them all up...My dances and the fact that I wasn't a zombie had me acting like the Zombie Pied Piper and more and more of them joined the crowd...there were thousands of them all following me and since they walked so slow....anytime I saw some in the back dropping off I would stop and do a dance for them and get them all interested in eating me again...then I would proceed.

At the time...I lived halfway up a hill and at the top of the hill was a lake so I started leading them all up the hill en masse. It is actually a dam at the top and when I got there...I magically found the "plug" [Image: tallrofl.gif] and let all the water out...then I coaxed all the zombies down into the lake bed...I knew they wouldn't be able to climb out once they got in...and once I got that group in safely...I went out again and rounded up as many as I could find and started up the hill again...but I stopped at my house on the way up and heard a movement in one of the rooms. It was my mother...dead and walking around groaning and DEFINITELY a zombie! YIKES..how did I miss that earlier.

Well...the zombies outside had started gathering at the windows and I had my zombie mother chasing me from room to room and finally I hid in a closet and locked the door and I could hear the windows crashing and the others were coming inside....

I woke up soaking wet and shaking really bad...scared the crap out of me.....


Here is the second to last dream...again starting off where the last one ended...

Somehow I am out of my hiding place and I keep dodging my zombie mother and I am yelling at her to leave me alone and I am feeling REALLY GUILTY about leading her up to the hill with the other zombies but finally after I see she can't even hear me and it is no longer my mother...I reluctantly made a decision to start leading them all, including her, up the hill to the lakebed.

This time...I am not dancing as I lead them up...I am REALLY ANGRY...I stop to cuss them all out over and over and I wait 'til one almost reaches me and takes a bite and I kick them and taunt them...and I cuss all the way to the lake...and cuss as I kick each one over the edge individually because this time I can't go down there and have them follow me as there are thousands in there trying to get out and I would be eaten...and so one by one they go over the edge and wouldn't you know it...the last one is my mom. ARRRRGGGHHHH

I started cussing her out again and trying to make myself push her in...but I couldn't do it damn it! So I ran into the woods and came up a shack and a one pump gas station and I walked inside and found a group of actual real people hiding. WOOOO HOOOO! As I began to get excited and tell them all my plan I was met with complete despair and hopelessness...all they had to eat in the damn shack was cans and cans of those gawd awful canned peas...and so...I resigned myself to sitting there cowering with the rest of them until I couldn't take it anymore.

I became argumentative and quite difficult to deal with and started asking them all why they even bothered hiding and didn't they want to actually DO something about it? I got so frustrated with them all that I just walked outside and there were only a few zombies around and I started yelling at them to just go ahead and take a bite...I was sick of running from them and if all that was gonna happen was me sitting in a shack forever eating canned peas I would rather just end it.

So...one came over and took a bite out of my arm...I was kinda dazed by it all...blood was everywhere...and then I panicked and ran back inside and started crying...I didn't want to die...I changed my mind!

I woke up soaking wet and scared to death and for a few minutes.,...my arm was actually in pain from the "bite" in my dream...YIKES! This was particularly interesting to me and I filed it away because I am also interested in how much power the mind has over pain...and whether or not we have the ability to create it or alleviate it with our mind...hmmmm...


I end up on the most beautiful bowling alley on earth...it is the brightest and most fresh and alive green grass you could imagine...it was very sunny and everything was in brilliant color...I was bowling with a friend and there was this Hindu Wise Man standing with us enjoying the sunshine and talking to us telepathically...I couldn't hear any words he said...but I understood him perfectly for some reason.

So we are bowling and they were both EXTREMELY at ease but I was troubled...and I looked over to my left and it was REALLY DARK in the sky and there was a chain link fence that went on for miles and miles and behind it were MILLIONS of zombies making awful noises and watching us bowl...YIKES!

So...I kept studying my two companions hoping they would mention what I saw...but my friend went on bowling in a good mood and the Hindu guy kept telling me that my concern was for nothing...but my curiosity got the best of me and I started asking them WHY they could be so calm...WHY they weren't freaked out...and what we we gonna do if they broke down the fence?????

Well...The Hindu guy was kinda laughing,...not AT me....but in a kind manner...he told me telepathically that they were behind there because they chose to be and there was simply nothing to BE done about it so relax...they could no longer eat me...and my friend just shrugged and said he couldn't care less about it basically...and he wanted to bowl.

I really wanted to relax BUT...I just had to go over to the fence and I was really sad...I started telling them how sorry I was that I wasn't going to let them eat me...and I truly wished they could all find food and somehow come back to life...but I just didn't know how to help them and I wasn't sure if anyone could...and then I apologized again...and again (hey...I felt really bad...I woke up crying)...and I went back to my game....and then...I woke up.

Instead of my usual fear...I realized I had been crying and I also felt really peaceful for some reason...it was my final zombie nightmare after years and years of these terrifying dreams....

Feeding my zombie obsession is the new show on AMC premiering Oct 31..90 minutes!!!!!!!!!! It is called "The Walking Dead"...here is the trailer...I cannot wait and have my real butter ready for my popcorn:biggrin:


Shaun Of The Dead

This is dead funny.

The Yuppie summer camp haunting

One summer a group of spoiled little rich boys and girls went to the most elite summer camp in the world (60,000 dollars a week,10 week camp)
What these children did not know was the camp was built on an old and sacred burial ground.
One night as the children sat around the camp fire telling silly ghost stories they heard a scream from the woods. EEEEEEEEEAAAAAGGGHHHH.
Some made jokes about how someone was trying to scare them and there was no such thing as ghosts. so all the children went to sleep and where not afraid as there is no such thing as ghosts.
That night all had the same dream . A lady all in white with an ashen face said " You do not believe in me so you will all pay for your disbelief"
the next morning there where screams of anguish from both the girls cabins and from the boys shouts of outrage and fear. All of the boys lyposuction had all grown back and that where fat and as for the girls ............................... all thier old noses had grown back. muuuuuuuuuuuumhahahahahaha

The right gear to catch a zombie (or silverfish?) Wink


Wasn't there a video game called "Zombies Ate my neighbours"?:confused:

Back on topic.
I don't think halloween isn't that big here in the UK.
Still awesome though.:biggrin:

I LOVE zombies. The only horror creature to give me nightmares.Confusedmile:
Zombies can have my heart but NEVER my brains!:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Genersis Wrote:Wasn't there a video game called "Zombies Ate my neighbours"?:confused:

There was it was for the SNES and Sega Genesis


TimmyThink Wrote:There was it was for the SNES and Sega Genesis

Ahhhh, right.
My cousin had it for the SNES.
Thanks Timmy.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

OMG...Thanks to this topic and me thinking about zombies and talking about them today I found out they have "ZOMBIE NIGHTS" in Downtown San Jose (California...not Costa Rica :biggrinSmile...everyone dresses like zombies at night and walks around...could this be true? I thought my friend was pulling my leg and teasing me when he found out how obsessed I ma with zombies but upon further research I realized this was true and I never heard of it before. Oh what fun...I cannot wait to participate! If I do I will take pictures or have someone else do it (a zombie with a camera might not be very authentic LOL)

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