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Did Pornography Fuel the Sexual Revolution?
Thought provoking...


This will certainly appear offensive to many of you... remember that it was under the thinking of the 1960s.

Again, a misleading confusion between paedophile and homosexual.



ON a more humorous but more realistic note... this pastiche:


princealbertofb Wrote:This will certainly appear offensive to many of you... remember that it was under the thinking of the 1960s.

Again, a misleading confusion between paedophile and homosexual.
Yes, it is offensive and it doesn't matter in what decade it was produced. Gay men were not "mentally ill" then any more than we are now. Not only does this film confuse the terms homosexual and paedophile, but it seems to add murderer to the confusion too.

I will skip commenting on #2...I had to turn it off actually and I agree with what marsh said...but I want to comment on #1 because what he said was interesting...it is so true about people not wanting to tell anyone else what porn they watch LOL. Even in gay bar where people tell you everything it seems it is a subject that never came up...things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

I have to admit I wouldn't want to share my taste in porno with anyone either and normally I would be open if asked a question...for some reason I would NOT want to share that info with anyone LOL! So...very interesting lecture and topic.

sex has been evolving for thousands of years. the romans and greeks would make us all look like a bunch of puritans.

I think the majority of the sexual revolution was a shift in cultural attitudes which ALLOWED pornography to become more widespread, rather than the other way around. Pornography definitely became the 'egg' of the cultural chicken, despite being around since the late 19th century.

This is a deep sociological question at it's heart that I am unqualified to answer - it would involve looking at the decline of religion, historical backgrounds, and the advent of technology. Pornography and it's production are the novelty of anyone first learning to get to grips with a camera.

"I could take a picture of my cock, my girlfriend/boyfriend naked, us doing the nasty..."

the possibilities of the visual image are as expansive as the imagination allows. Bearing this in mind, explicit pornography was not culturally accepted, and it was a 'gentlemans secret' who often collected these type of images. What really eludes me is why this flourished so greatly in the 1970s; there is obviously a social reason for the growth of adult cinemas, production, and perception beyond mere technology.

The later internet probably coined a second boom for the adult film market. No longer having to lurk around top shelf racks like a sex offender, the majority of the world took advantage of this and swung onto the internet. Bill Gates has a lot to thank pornography for.

Indeed. lol, Sil... it made him a very rich man...

I agree, pornography definitely did fuel the sexual revolution. It goes back to 1953 when the first issue of Playboy was published. Thank Hugh Hefner for that. No one mentioned him? I'm shocked! However, the sexual revolution really got into full swing by the 1960's and 1970's. Porno has played a big role in the sexual revolution. I'm personally not into porno, so I really don't know much and I cannot elaborate on why porn plays a big part in the sexual revolution.

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