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Hi guy's.....
Londontool Wrote:Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I live in London with my husband and 2 cats.
Never joined a forum before so go easy on me! Happy

Wow... sounds like heaven :-)

For how long have you been together?
Good for you and welcome!

Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:Hi and welcome to GS.

Get a dog and have a true friend.

Most people don't really get cats. I used to REALLY dislike cats, but I've come to really appreciate what a sweet and amazing animal it is.

Sure, they seem cold and self-centered, and they'll probably never be as loyal as dogs are (I love dogs more than I like cats, even though I have a cat of my own), but if you're not too busy trying to compare one to the other, you'll find that cats are amazing and can be sweet as well... + cats are more self-sufficient and independent.

Hello, welcome. Although I was born in London I am very pleased that I don't live there (although I seem to find myself being there rather more often than I like). Here in the sticks most people seem to have animals for more functional reasons - dogs for protection, cats for rodent control and so on Wink

Thanks for the warm welcome guy's.

I never was a cat person but then about 2 years ago we started getting mice and both myself and husband run screaming everytime we saw one so got 2 cats and have never seen a mouse since!
The cats are both female and are soooo loving. If we go out they both run to the window and cry for us.
I've heard so much about cats being elusive but that's definitely not the case with our two which I'm glad about. If we watch a DVD, all four of us get snuggled up on the sofa.

We're in the process of selling our flat in London and moving to Milton Keynes but the whole process is dragging on and on, but that's another story!
I look forward to getting to know you all better. :biggrin:

Londontool Wrote:... We're in the process of selling our flat in London and moving to Milton Keynes ...
Yikes :eek: Concrete cows!

Londontool Wrote:We're in the process of selling our flat in London and moving to Milton Keynes

If you want to keep your cats, you need to do it properly: You must lock them inside your new house - close all the windows and keep the doors closed at all times, for at least a period of 45 days, if you don't want them to disappear looking for their old home.

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