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I am looking for gay or man
colinmackay Wrote:Try - What you want, when you want it[/url] and ensure are looking for a top, or advertise yourself as a bottom.

thank you for the website

Mr. Lonely Wrote:PLAY SAFE do no die becaues of curiosity

Thank you for your advice but what can I do

I think that you begin from the wrong end... you should not start with sex at first, you should try to learn about being bisexual and the possibilities you have... how to play safe, what you can do, what is forbidden if you want to stay healthy ....
looking for friends...
If you try it this way you are on the safe way and nobody will be harmed - not you and not your maybe partner.
But .. its only my opinion.... Confusedmile:

Mamo, to play safe, since you are going to try anal sex with a human being, and to ensure you don't get a sexually transmitted disease, first you must buy some condoms and make sure the person penetrating you is wearing one. If it breaks, make sure he uses a new one... and the second rule is to do it gently, with plenty of lubrification (lube). You don't want any damage done to your anus or rectum from too much friction and too forceful a penetration. Ask your partner to penetrate you gently and if it hurts, ask him to stop, relax and try again. Normally, it should be ok. Make sure he takes his penis out of you and throws the condom away as soon as he's ejaculated. If you want to try again. Use a new condom. Don't let his penis get soft inside you, as that might leave some sperm inside your rectum and that's not something you want to do.

good advice to this guy all around.

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