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Harry Potter's willy
Daniel Radcliff is currently showing all on stage in London in a production of Equus:eek: Do we think this is any way for the young magician to behave:confused: Anyway....we have a rejected promo picture which has him posing in front of a horse with his willy out. Lets just say he is maturing very nicely. Wanna see it:p

Hey Zach,

I got sent a few of the hi-res 'decent' promo pics last week! (have put them in the gallery - check them out here)

Is it real or just a photoshop job with his head stuck on? Smile
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

Well I just heard this news, and of course I wanted to see it - are you crazy!?!? That's like asking a bunch of fat girls 'Who wants a Snickers Bar?' Anyway, I think this awfully daring and commendable for Daniel to take on the role, but from what I've seen of his acting I've not been too impressed, is he any good, really? Or is he so popular because of the hype surrounding his performances, gimmicks if you will? I really don't know. Also, of the results I got from Googling EQUUS none of them had nudity in them other than an ass shot, which makes me think that anything else probably isn't real. Hmmmm......


ok, I have seen those pics for a while now. Him with the girl and horse... If I was living in London I would be going to see the show... I want to see pics of him totaly nude. If anyone can find a site with those pics then you really need to share and post the address. :tongue:

Until then, I still think he need to shave that bush on his stomach. That happy trail looks like the Forbidden Forest from Hogwarts.

inthemaking Wrote:Well I just heard this news, and of course I wanted to see it - are you crazy!?!? That's like asking a bunch of fat girls 'Who wants a Snickers Bar?'

RoflThat made me chuckle!

My friend told me that in Charlotte's Church show they showed scenes from the play and you could see what is down there. i might just go see the play and id i do i wont forget my camera, promise :biggrin:

See if this one works - the full monty:


Looks authentic?


Damn that boy makes me wet.

Clean up on Isle 12... Clean up on Isle 12!

eh, I still think hes weird looking.

Erm...yep I agree bluDetroit. Theres something about him which makes him look just plain odd. Sorry, not for me!


Well I still think he's hot. He also has a great personality... I would ride it all night. :tongue:

Opps... is this a family site... Umm... The horses he has, I would ride them all night because I like to ride horses... yeah.. thats it.

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