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Hello. Welcome Smile

Supergrin Hey there! I am new to all this to. Trying to learn all about it. But about your topic: I find that whoever you are will "come out" so to speak if you stop thinking about who you are and just let yourself be! I came upon this revelation because growing up, I was a people pleaser. I tried to be everything to everyone and lost myself in the process. It was only when I let the reins free and just allowed myself to be FREE that I came to realize who I was. Thinking about whether you ARE or ARENT something only hinders who you are or who you will become! Just let yourself go and the REAL you will emerge.... and you'll be a lot happier with yourself--I promise!!! ; ) XOXOXO Hope you have a Blessed day!

Well...after some time, I came to terms with what/who I am. I am very Bi Sexual. I just wish I had chosen a different username now, because I'm not unsure anymore lol.

hello... hope you enjoy it here... im actually new here too

Well welcome to endimion, and a belated welcome to unsure. You can ask the admin to change your username, he's pretty accommodating.

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