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Hellloooo, is anyone there?
Hey there! Welcome back! I only know your name, because you're one of the top ten posters. You may have noticed that there's quite a few new people here. I'm one of them. I joined back in the summer of 2010 and I noticed quite a few new people joined in the summer as well. They're quite active on here as well.

hey there, welcome back...

new here too I suppose so nice to meet ya Smile

Hi, D!! SO pleased to see you back. Hope it's all going well. Congratulations on the coming out thing Smile xx


im also a Canadian Tongue

Snow Wrote:... im also a Canadian Tongue
That's okay.

Snow Wrote:Wb

im also a Canadian Tongue

We won't hold that against you. :tongue:

You are a west coast Canadian, and I'm way over on the east coast...

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