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Gay Day at Six Flags
Just wanted to see if anyone was going to the Gay Day event at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo on Saturday, November 13.

Er.... ? Where would that be on planet earth??? I'm guessing Southern USA or California? Are you looking for company?

In any case Welcome to GaySpeak. Hope to see you around.

LOL... It's near San Francisco, CA! Looking for people to hopefully meet up with and go to the event with!

Good luck, Geneva is just too far to fly over for the week end... Take care. Hope you find some mates to go with.

sorry bud, UK here Sad

does sound cool though, there's a fair few US people around to nudge on the forum tho!

I am about an hour away but have something else planned that day (work)...I went to the Gay Day at Marriots Great America once...it was fun! ..

I remember how fun it was to be able to ride the log ride and roller coasters without waiting in line and it was packed so I wondered what the deal was...someone told me that alot of the people didnt' want to get their hair wet or messed up...I thought that was funny...not sure if it was true... but I was glad because I love riding rollercoasters and hate waiting in line...

You will have fun...have you ever been before?

Nope. Those events are not my cup of tea.


I'm sorry, but I just have to say this and it's supposed to be a joke.

Six fags gay adventure! Tongue

I went last year and it was lots of fun! It truly will be a Gay Adventure!

Yep. I dunno, but I think I'm the originator of "Six Fags Gay Adventure"... I'm shocked no one else has thought of it. I Googled it one day... no results. Maybe there's results now and I know this will certainly be a result since I mentioned it.

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