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Bathroom graffiti
This is a pretty strange topic, but hey I start up these topics. Yesterday I was a bathroom at a supermarket. I usually like looking at the bathroom graffiti. You may be thinking that this is a dead art form, no it is not. It is alive and well. I took a picture with my cell phone camera of this really amazing doodle of a dog-like creature holding his penis. I was very astounded by this one. I really really into the creative artworks found in bathrooms. I even like funny stuff like "lick my balls", which was written on a stall's door.

I will be brutally honest, I once made bathroom graffiti. It was at what used to be a freshmen center. I knew I definitely would not get caught at all, because I had to take finals at that building due to the fact that main campus had asbestos. I just went crazy with writing metal related stuff. I think I even drew a pentagram and an upside cross. I know for a fact that it was erased, but they will never know it was me at all.

What's your opinion on bathroom graffiti? Is it a nuisance? Do you want it all cleaned up? Is it an art form to you? Have you ever made graffiti in the bathroom?

Generally, I find it really funny and I do view it as an art form. It just makes a bathroom really great. Most bathroom graffiti is not permanent at all, since it obviously gets cleaned up by custodians. I have seen some bathroom graffiti that has lasted for 3 years. There's still a carving on the stall at this convenience store I know of at the Jersey Shore. I'm surprised that it's still there. It's nothing really major at all though. They'll gradually get to it.

Just love the differences in language and the different euphemisms we require! In my bathroom is a bath. There is no graffiti. I have never seen a bath in a supermarket.

In the UK, public porcelain (or stainless steel) usually takes the form of toilets, W.C.s, public conveniences, loos, and so on.

I guess the oldies are the best ... like "beware of limbo dancers".

Living in the US I can safely say I've never seen a bathtub or shower in a supermarket/public restroom. We just call them bathrooms anyway for whatever reason.

But per the topic, the best bathroom graffiti I've ever seen was in a Books-a-Million. It was a conversation between many people, though I don't remember it all or the exact wording:

"Bathroom graffiti is the purest form of art. It's completely anonymous, done for no monetary gain or recognition, etc."

"I disagree - what I just left in the toilet is the purest form of art."

And other people added their own witty comments and interjections. I pulled my pants back up in a better mood than when I pulled them down, that's for sure.

Yeah. I meant the restroom.

I have to submit my pictures to this site that has a collection of restroom graffiti. Wow I notice I tend to spell graffiti wrong. I spell it with two T's and one F. Except it's two F's and one T. I found my typo! Tongue

Restroom graphic and poetry are just too kool in some cases yes it is a form or expression and a form of art . not Picaso by any means but still an art form.

Here I sit on a cloud of vaper ,
Looking for the toilet paper ,
school bell rings ,
I must not linger ,
look out ass hole here comes my finger.

our work restroom has some funny quotes on it - my favorite had a line added one day and another person added the second line later, it simply goes - Jesus Loves You ..............Everyone Else Thinks Your A C - - t

makes me smile every time

Most of the toilet graffiti i've seen is nothing more than insults or rude pictures carved into toilet doors with sharp objects.

And i have no interest reading insults, or looking at someones intepritation of a woman with man parts labeled "Your mum".Rolleyes

To put it short. It doesn't interet me. Because most of it is childish insults....
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Well it's a lot different in the U.S., Genersis. We have crazies over here and you're bound to find some really whacky and interesting stuff in the restrooms.

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