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It Gets Better
I'm kind of surprised that I can't find a thread here about this. I figured this would be a great place for this message.

If you haven't heard, Dan Savage created a youtube channel and asked for all LGTB people and LGTB supporters to submit videos about how life gets better when you come out and live your life. This was done in the wake of the suicides across the US, and there have been hundreds of responses ranging from just everyday people to Barack Obama. This movement is just amazing and I hope not only does it reach the kids that feel like suicide is the only option, but I hope that it reaches some of the parents, the bullies and opponents of gay rights and opens their eyes a little to the plight that they are inflicting to the LGTB community.

Here are some of the videos:

YouTube - Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" http://www.joelburns.com

Do you have any It Gets Better stories or videos you want us to see?

I love this project. It's depressing all the suicides lately. If it helps at least person it's a good thing.


thx for the links, just been having a look and im amazed at how many people are backing this and posting, i hate bullying and stood up for a smaller workmate only last week when a very large works charge hand bullied him, out come was he appologiesd to him and things have been good since,,, must be terrible for younger people to be harrassed by a larger group or bigger individual but lets hope the schools take this very seriously and provide support to victims

Thought we did have a thread on this.....:confused:
Thanks for sharing though.:biggrin:
Here's a few more:

Wait a sec!
I'm a gay Youtuber........
Nah...i couldn't.......
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Thanks for this Doug and other posters.

Make sure to check out the ItGetsBetterProject channel on youtube for every video submitted so far, its really uplifting.

I've got to believe its getting better its getting better all the time " Beatles"

There's a whole series of new IT GETS BETTER videos out there and tonight I listened to and watched some that I've sifted through. You might want to see some for yourself.

Zack attack - well reasoned and heart-felt

it gets better - Zachary Quinto - sensible

It Gets Better - Jake Shears Made a career out of my rage - quite moving -I did like the wild sad look in Jake SHEARS right at the end

John R McCallen It gets better

Johnny 23 Jew from London

It Gets Better! - BC Film Guy a bit verbose but quite good

It Gets Better - Muslim gay teen (a worthwhile video)

Jonathan It Gets Better - For Christian Youth In Ex-Gay Ministries or Therapy God inspired but in a good sense, I'm sure

It Gets Better: with Jeffery Self and Guy Branum - amusing

first pigeon (too loud but poetic & artistic)

It Gets Better: Wicked Cast Members (I don't like the end where they all chorus it)

Obama - It Gets Better - presidential and eloquent.

It Gets Better: Facebook Employees

It Gets Better: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "True Colors" - musical



New York Gay Men's Chorus this one's annoyingly American and hammers the point
Broadway singers

Chicago gay Men's Chorus (to "Frère Jacques")

The Pink Singers Teardrops


Frontline Trevor Project testimonies


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