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hi i'm alan
Vig, if you have a careful look, you'll see that Alan has edited his post, so he must have retrieved the number (a wise thing to do -- he can always private message his number to anyone he finds in his taste later) from the thread. A good sensible move.

alan scooby Wrote:i just fed up being on my own want to settle down and meet someone i hate being lonely

I know this is a fad of mine, Alan, but I do think punctuation could be used meaningfully here.
I'm just fed up with being on my own. I want to settle down and meet someone.
I hate being lonely.
Because you wouldn't want it to read: "I want to settle down and meet someone I hate, being lonely.", would you? I'm sure you couldn't settle for someone you didn't like.
However, I'll concede you this, being lonely isn't pleasant at all... Hope you find a little solace and friendship on the forum while you wait for Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet.

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