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Unable to Finish?
so i got to hookup with my first guy last night
and i was just so nervous i couldn't finish :/ is this normal?

he tried for a good 20 mins then i was just uhhh i dont think im gona finsh :confused:

also i have mad friction burn from this
what do?

Well if you were nervous that could of done it.
That was your first time.
So yes. It is pretty normal to my knowledge

And as for the friction burn....try some sort of cream? And ressist sexual activity of any kind untill it clears up, as more friction OBVIOULY isn't going to help.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Yes, I would say it's pretty normal especially for a first time. It all depends on how comfortable you were with yourself, the situation, and this guy, or being in such a situation with this guy. I shouldn't worry too much about it; As for the friction try some cream, maybe something containing some Aloe Vera? And, as Genersis, suggested here, leave it be for a while until the burn has cleared up. Was the burn caused by friction alone and did you wear a condom??? I sense that maybe there wasn't any or not enough lubrification.

I were on 2 dates for the last 2 days with 2 different guys. Both are totally hot. And I were not able to finish with either of them. So I am sharing an understanding with you here Big Grin

I think it's normal. In almost every sexual experience I have ever had, if it's with someone I've just met, I can't get comfortable enough to climax. I'm just not good at casual sex, it's got to be someone I like and am comfortable with for me to be able to relax enough. Maybe you're like me? Try getting to know someone better before you have sex with him, and then see if you have the same problem.

thanks for the comments Tongue
glad im not alone

and we didnt have "sex" just played around

and no lube was used.
and i was not comfortable since im new to this XD

and lol my legs kept shaking Cry

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