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Wiccan bear couple seeking houseboy/man: Delaware
eastofeden Wrote:Ahhh...maybe bothWink:biggrin:

hm.. hm.. hm.... :confused:..... yes.... OK...


Fancy flying me over from birmingham? I need a change of scenery! lol!!

Wow, I would if I could, but I have this extreme case of sittingatmycomputertoodamnmuch syndrome. Would be interesting though. A Gypsy with some Wiccans.

wow all that work in 20-25 hours! and going to school too,sorry wait one min didn't I read there was a play room! the poor sod will need it after you two have finished with him or is it not that type of play roomWink

i am interested and i'm good at everything you've mentioned...sad thing is i'm from the Philippines.... i don't see it's possible for me to work for you given the distance...

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