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Convo with Mom
I had a interesting convo with my mother last week. I called her up to chit chat with her. I asked if it was a big shock when I came out to her. She said actually she wasnt that shocked. She said when I called her up saying I have good news and I have bad news she knew something was up. As I was leading up to telling her the news and I was talking to her she said in the back of her mind she was saying "Please tell me you are gay, please dont tell me you are gay, please dont tell me you are gay". She said as a parent she has had her suspicions since I was a child but didnt want to believe it was true. When I was right about to tell her she said she was waiting for the shoe to drop. Once I told her the news she was okay with it and said she would love me unconditionally. My mother is one of my best friends and wouldnt trade her for the world. We talk about every thing and any thing that is on our minds. She gave me the birds and the bees talk when I hit puberty instead of my father. I have always had a close and open relationship with her. I even had a convo with her on how expensive makeup and cosmetics are recently. I miss her dearly since she lives 900 miles away. I miss our long talks and hugs. I try to call her once a week or so to check in with her. I realize she wont be around forever :frown:. That is why I have chosen to still have a close relationship with her and talk to her on a regular basis even though we are 900 miles apart.

Grats on coming out to your mom
must be the hardest leap
i still havent done it

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