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Does "it get better" really?!!!
It gets better, but first it gets a whole lot worse.
Suicidal people don't want to hear a load of people are better off, that's counter-productive. That's my problem with the It Gets Better project. Good bit: George Takei. Bad bit: unrealistic.

My life got better; I was closeted in high school and well I only came out to my friends and told them not to tell anyone else. Im glad I did and my life got a lot easier just because I had my friends there for me. My sister now knows but my mom is the only person who doesn't so indeed life does get better Smile

Before I came out to my friends I was miserable I really was. I constantly had to watch what I said. Afterwards, all my friends were freaked out as I was usually mopey, and just very laid back/mellow. I still am but all of them said this is you? I had shown my happy side. I didnt tell anyone until my junior year. I told my best friend in the world who is also my soul brother. I then proceeded to my friends one by one.

Boy I guess it depends on situations too.


thanks for your insight... i totally agree

congrats on your success story! Be Blessed and spread your cheer--thanks for your comment

thanks for your comment

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