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Questions about my Circumcised Penis
So, after reading a Circumcision thread. I've been left with questions about my penis.

I have been circumcised, not at birth, but for medical reasons when i was....2 or 3 years old and i remember the pain before the procedure clearly.
It was so painfull i couldn't wear any underwear or trousers incase it rubbed on my penis, but apart from that, i have little recolection.

So, i have been circumcised, and....well... it seems like they didn't do a very good job.

Some of my skin has migrated(I beleave is the correct term?) to take the place of my foreskin(well, half of it), leaving two inches of hair on the shaft of my penis when i get an erection, which isn't great considering i have a penis JUST below 6 inches in legnth. (and before some one says it, i guess i could shave the hair off....but....i....no no, i can't.:redfaceSmile

Not only that, but i also have a piece of pink...flesh? at the end of my penis,which i assume is left behind foeskin tissue from the circumsision.(This piece of tissue doesn't cause any notable discomfort when masturbating, so i assume this will be the case when it comes to sex.)

I m still a virgin, and to be honest all this really un-nerves me, I mean my penis isn't a horiffic sight but i still can't help but feel insecure about it.:frown:

I think i'm mainly making this topic because i just...want to talk about this...i don't know what i want to hear, but i will ask one question:

You think it will cause problems when it comes to sex? I'm guessing the hair could be a problem when it comes to blowjobs at the very least.

Well I really don't know; ask your doctor about the hair. Doctors are there for these types of reasons I wouldn't go by someone's word on that but yeah you should be fine once you get whatever from the doctor :/ It shouldn't really matter how your penis looks :/ It wouldn't to me lol

Trim, and you'll be fine. I am. Don't shave the shaft, it'll get coarse and you'll nick yourself with a razor - cut penises bleed a lot! Trim with a beard trimmer if you think you're in danger of being used as dental floss. Honestly, no one has commented on the shaft hair to me. I only mentioned it as an indication of how tightly you were circumcised. I'm more aware of it, and to be quite frank I've only ever noticed when it once got trapped in a condom... Lesson learnt, trimming is good. Wink

The 'flesh', where is it and what is it like? I suspect you actually mean the frenulum that is on the underside between the head and shaft. It's meant to be there, and is very erogenous. If it's something else, explain.

If you are worried, see a doctor, and if you do want to chat, I'm sure people who are in the same boat would be more than happy to help you and reassure you. You're not alone.

my friend had a similar problem with hair a few inches up his shaft he told me he saw a doctor who recommended electrolysis . it removes the hair permanently and is not painful but really expensive.
like 200 dollars a square inch.
by the way i liked it much better without the hair on it Big Grin
just an option you may consider

Anonymous Wrote:... You think it will cause problems when it comes to sex? I'm guessing the hair could be a problem when it comes to blowjobs at the very least.
I don't see why, but bear in mind kitschcamp's advice. Re bjs - shaving is probably not necessary, but trimming is one way of showing consideration for your partner. It spoils the rhythm if he has to keep stopping to pick your hair out of his mouth Wink

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