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Do you shave pubic hair down there?
Trimmed is good.

I've only ever shaved once (in preparation for a medical procedure) and it irritated me. Although that could be because it had to be a dry shave.

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I'm with the majority, trimmed is the way to go.

As an aside, I used to work in a veterinary clinic and had to shave the private parts of cats and dogs for surgery. So, I imagine if I ever wanted to shave, I'd be quite good at it.

A neat and tidy trim. I prefer a man to look like a man. The pre-pubescent look doesn't do much for me.

Yeah I like to give the old boy a trim around the base sometimes... just makes it look neater and a cheating bit bigger :tongue:

I've gone all out before out of curiosity and shaved the entire thing off. Just about a week of pure itching afterwards when it grows back, it's really not worth it unless it's something you really enjoy!

I shaved it back when I shaved my legs a few weeks ago, it didn't itch much (12 hours of itching, tops) and it's growing back now and I like how it's looking. Not too long, not too short so I guess trimming is what I'll do from now on.

When I had no pubic hair I just thought it was weird but maybe it's just because I was accustomed to seeing hair there? :confused:

On other guys, I'd like it trimmed but I wouldn't mind a clean shave down there either.

shaved!! but, a little hair (look like an adult!)..

I don't. I have never tried it before... I may try it once for the hell of it. I highly doubt it though.

Trim for sure. It's about time for another one, actually. :p

I've shaved it once; NEVER AGAIN!

I actually trim and shape...lol!...but shaving kinda gets irritating...lol!

hmmmm, i've shaved it numerous times..... and i never really expereinced too much of an itch, however, i stick to trimming now, i like the look when the hair is just under a cm.... just enough down to look like a man.

i wud prefer my guy to be trimmed, i dont like bush (and not just in the front either!) it really isnt nice to have to keep on fighting with long hair in those places

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