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Computer Clean Up Help
I need some advice if possible...I am going to take one of my computers to Staples...hopefully today if I feel OK about it as they take 3 days....and they clean up your PC and I am going to have them replace the fans and also add alot more RAM and they are only charging me a flat 20.00 BUT...

...I have some thing on my computer I really dont' want anyone to see like porn:biggrin:...nothing illegal or anything like that...just private. Question...can they see all of it? Should I remove it first or any other links to places I would rather not share publicly?

I keep thinking I will get a phone call from them asking me if I want to remove my XTube videos to speed things up:biggrin:...when they clean up computers do they do things like that?

you can use a prog called CCleaner that will clear up your browsing history cache and recycle bin, plus even set it up to NSA overwrite standard to really get rid of it... as for any pics of vids then just burn them to a disc a put them back on when PC is fixed - wouldnt take the chance as i wouldnt know the store policy if they find porn on the HD

Depends what they mean exactly by "Clean up".
Most places probably don't touch your personal files.
But i can't say for sure.

I'd never trust ANYONE with cleaning up my PC. I can do that myself thanks.:redface:

Does worry me when i send my laptop off to be repaired that they might also have a look through my stuff for amusment or something......

Sorry, i probably didn't help much....:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Yes they can, move it to an external hard drive then delete the files and run CCleaner. As Marshlander says, they'll have seen it all before anyway. It's probably a perk of the job... lol.

I would do what Matty said just throw on all your porn on a disc or thumb drive than just put it back on when your PC comes back.

You should be worried Gen cause i know a girl that works at a gamestop, an people would trade in there PSP and we would totally go through the pics and videos and stuff.

But if the PSP's traded in its no longer considered "Owned", so all the junk left on the PSP is...as good as public. So i don't see how that's relivant Timmy.:confused:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Way to nitpick Gen...Geez....:tongue:

TimmyThink Wrote:Way to nitpick Gen...Geez....:tongue:
Heh. Sowwy.:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

WOW! Very nice of you guys to help me out...my lover was talking to PA (I am really tehno challenged) and he just left to get an external hard drive...hopefully that will do the trick.

I really dislike most porn and it took me YEARS to fnd these few that I like so I don't want to lose themAstrosmiley2

Thanks everyone...wish me luck.

Best cleaning is buying an external hdd
and reformatting Smile

yeah like they said download CCleaner

i bet all there going to do is Defrag it and use CCleaner

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