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I feel like a puppy looking through the bars on the window at the pound!
Thanks for the comment! Be Blessed and have a fabulous day! ; ) XOXOXO

I don't really shun happiness, just never having had it I don't know what I'm looking for! It may be right under my nose but I wouldn't see it! As far as "needing help" I've been and I assure you they're not so much help

@ LoneSomeDove2182 - I can kinda relate to what you say here, very similar to how i am

And this in particular:
Quote: have never had nor probably will I have a TRUE FRIEND! I have never been wanted (in any way)! I have never been kissed, held hands, had sex, or loved anyone in that way!
exactly the same for me.

But overall i can't say i'm "unhappy" because i'm not unhappy...at the same time, i also can't say i'm "happy" either...sorta something inbetween or like i'm 'just there'

Lovedove do you have an email I could contact you at? Id like to talk to you

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