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Social Groups
I think we need more of them and more members aware of them. So everyone, look under the Community tab and click on Social Groups.

Create a group that would like to see. Join a group that appeals to you.

What are you waiting for, get going! Scatter

Hmmm,What about a XRIMO fan club?:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Whatever floats your boat Genersis :p

hehe, I've joined one or two but it's hard to know how to fully engage with them? most of the topics eg. heavy metal , get covered in thread topics so I just answer there...

I just noticed a rather annoying limitation on Social Groups. Messages in the discussions can only be 1000 characters, not words, CHARACTERS, as in letters numbers and spaces. So much for my writer's group Sad

Didn't even realise there was a social groups thing...hahah! Thanks for bring it to my attention, I'll defintiely check it out Smile

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