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princealbertofb Wrote:May we have a first name DRW, something that doesn't sound so much like a car make? ... lol.
And ok if you think you are possibly bi... you have that option by default, don't you Wink ?

Lol!!! I don't know what I am. All I know is that I am in love with the most wonderful man I have ever known, and don't want to be with anyone else ever!!! So I guess that makes me gay now right???

And the name is Diego.

How do I display my age and sign??

DRW Wrote:How do I display my age and sign??

Er... Diego (nice name) you probably have to enter your date of birth in the User CP (top blue bar, next to Chat room) that will lead you to your profile, and then there must be a button or box to tick somewhere saying whether you want those data to be made public... it'll be on that page too. Go to YOUR PROFILE and EDIT YOUR DETAILS. See if you can find it. Good luck.

Hi and welcome to GS.

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