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How to get oversome one


you where honest with him he was honest with you in time you will get through this but you NEVER GET OVER things like this you get through in time

I've been in the same situation of not knowing how to get over someone. With me it was with a girl though earlier this year, I really fell for her big style and we got really intensely involved with each other and it turns out her feelings weren't genuine (enough) for us to be together.

This happened in February and 9 month on I'm still not over her. It's gotten better though, it's only been 3 weeks for you so it's still raw. It'll take a long time to get over him if you truly cared for him (sounds like you did) and you might never totally get over it, but in time it will get better and you'll start to smile again!


I think the best way is to talk about about... with friends .. maybe family members... about feelings like this. If you can talk about... you have reached the half way to forgot people wich are not longer on your list for christmas presents *G

I agree with others. Talk to friends...family But unfortunately, these things take time to fade. So one must ride it out.


Yes, friends can be a great support at times like this, but if you are not out to them ...? Often when you don't feel like it you may have to force yourself to do something else that would be part of your normal day.

Sometimes it takes until someone else comes along for us to be able to move on properly. You are unlikely to forget him though and maybe you shouldn't try.

Best wishes.

I know how you feel slightly. I had to get over someone too Sad Basically he was everything I could want in a guy emotionally and physically he wasn't bad looking. Turns out he liked me and it took me a few weeks later to realize I liked him... I learned time waits for no man as he had already gotten a bf who was his roommate. My friend who was a girl dated him and he had come out as gay that month so yeah but still Im still not over him fully it turns out. Its hard to get over someone you can't have I know that but just surround yourself with friends is all I can say; that's what helped me through all of the pain.

I think you need to find a boyfriend who will accept that you need to be in the closet for as long as it takes for you to be comfortable. Presumably, if there was a steady boyfriend, it might make you more likely to come out because it would be easier for you two that way... That special someone will have to be particularly patient and loving. The young man you are describing didn't seem particularly patient, but it's sometimes difficult to focus and become completely committed after just one date. These things take time, and opportunities and work.

It takes a while to get over someone, I know how you feel about always thinking about him and you probably want to hurry up and get over him but it takes a while. You swim and work out right? Do that, along with whatever other hobbies you have. Get out and meet some new people (not necessarily date, I probably shouldn't have said that Rolleyes)! Do things to get your mind off of him. I hope things go well with that guy you're meeting on Friday. I think just meeting new people and getting out there is the best way to get over someone, it makes you realize that you have other (and possibly better; he should treat you better and you know it.) options.

Loud music, and great Sci-fi movies... oh don't forget the popcorn!!

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