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Scrood the pooch
I made the mistake of sending this video to my best friend to listen to. I chose my words poorly and I said This video isnt directed at you PER SE. She took it all wrong and we got into a big fight. Word to the wise dont send this vid to friends and use the 5 letter word PER SE when saying its not directed at them. Results in confusion and friendships being strained.


I think I'd probably avoid using "per se" under most circumstances. In the old days, before Latin, we just used archaic phrases like "by/in/of/through itself". Wink

Well considering the ambiguity of the song, which can say get lost for a while, or hey absence truly makes the heart grow fonder, allow it too; then yes, if you send it to a friend, you might not have one any more. Do a retraction in another song, and make it a teeny bit better, hopefully things will regress to normal. If that is what you want.

the correct spelling is screwed the pooch and you did

Mr. Lonely Wrote:the correct spelling is screwed the pooch and you did

Hay, hookt on fonicks werked four mee. Eye got mee muy edumucation and dont you fergit that! Yall dam yankeys think yall are sew speshil with yer correckt spellin.

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