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Personality Type
This does sound like me a bit lol
Harmonizer Clarifier: INFP

The INFP often lets others get the best of them. The INFP doesn’t believe in ‘rocking the boat’ and that can frustrate friends who wait for the INFP to take action. There is almost nothing the INFP will do in order to avoid conflict.

In a love relationship the INFP feels more than they express. This is a double-edged sword because they never fully explain what bothers them and therefore never really solve a problem. They live by a code that calls for harmony but are often caught in between the desired harmony and the inability to express their frustrations.

If the family is jovial and getting along the INFP is extremely happy but the second things get unpleasant the INFP is out the door.

The INFP wants to help their fellow man. The field of teaching is full of INFP’s as is church service groups and the medical profession. This is not to say the INFP isn’t interested in money, they will strive to get a healthy balance of both. Hard work is nothing new to the INFP and they almost crave it. Other popular INFP career directions include: Designer, College Professor, Researcher and Human Resources.

The INFP will ask, "who am I?" and want a real answer. They work hard and school is a simple operation of applying the hard work, but the question of self is their ultimate question and drives their educational desires.
Famous INFP Personality Types

* A. A. Milne - author
* Dick Clark - television personality
* Donna Reed - acress
* Fred Rogers - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
* Fred Savage - actor
* George Orwell - author, journalist
* Isabel Briggs Myers - psychological theorist
* John F. Kennedy, Jr. - lawyer, journalist, publisher
* Laura Ingalls Wilder - author
* Neil Diamond - musician
* Princess Diana - Princess of Wales
* Tom Brokaw - television journalist

Im noticing an trend developing. I see we have allot of introverted people responding and not very many extroverts.

I thought I have done this before on this site but couldn't remember, so i dug threw my own posts an what do ya know.


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