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Real or fake
My guess...2 and 5 are lies.

EDIT: I am guessing from Esruc's list above...

damnit i didn't get to guess. i wouldve guess 4 though.

Timmy's turn

1. I still wear a hoodie I got back in 2002 (grade 10)
2. I once ate a banana from a trash can
3.I have never tasted alcohol
4.I’m secretly a Luddite
5.I am an awesome poker player :tongue: <pokerface

LOL okay timmy and Esruc
Timmy i think that the first one is true, the second one is kinda true idk :S XD, Three, Faulse, Four,False,five, True Tongue

Esruc, I think that the first one is false cause you seem like a total sweetheart,Second is true, i mean everyone likes being the center of attention once i hope :S LOL, thrid, is true idk :S i'm just taking random shots here LOL, fourth is False,Five is False.

Big Grin i hope i got somone right i think i got a couple wrong xD

No has gotten mine yet. Remember, only two of them are false.

Timmy, I will say 2 and 4 are false.

2 and 4 are fake

Esruc Wrote:So is this over? Or can we post our own facts?

Okay, I will post mine since the op is gone, and if he comes back and says I can't I will remove this post.

1) Once I am mad at someone, I hold a grudge forever.
2) I love being the center of attention.
3) I was valedictorian of my high school.
4) I am cautious of any compliment someone pays me, because I believe they have a sinister motive and are trying to hurt me.
5) I hate animals.

3 and 5 Esruc

Opps i messed mine up 2 are real and 3 are fake, this is why i don't play these games i always screw them up.
Anyway 1 and 3 are true and 2,4,5 all lies.

2 and 3 were fake on my list. I hate attention and I dropped out of high school.

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