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Guess The Band (With Pictures!)
Okay, so here's a little game I tried on another forum. Didn't work out very well there, here's hoping I have more luck on here. The idea is that you post a picture(s) of something that sounds like the name of a band/musician and then everyone tries to guess the answer. When someone does, they post a picture and everyone tries to guess again. So on and so forth. Here is an example: If someone posted this picture: [Image: c4d_ice_cube_7_new.jpg] the answer would be Ice Cube, as in [Image: ice-cube-beauty-shop-movie-premiere-arrivals-1QpBOk.jpg]n

I needn't be that obvious, though. Okay, so here's the first clue:

[Image: iron-ore.jpg]
[Image: 50676.jpg]

Good luck.


Not Metallica.

Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden is correct. Your turn Miles.

[Image: Steely%20McBeam.jpg]
[Image: Dan%20Dare%20Garth%20Ennis%20Erskine%20Virgin.jpg]

Steeley Dan

Yep. Guess you're up next? =)

I hope it doesn't end up just us playing. Here's the next clue.

[Image: dropkick_fin-sfw-712209.jpg]
[Image: Eddie-Murphy4.jpg]

Dropkick Murphys.

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