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Hello,I am Danielle and I am a 31 year old Lesbian.Came out 2 years ago to my family and I am glad I am out with this.My family has been so great to me and proud of me coming out.I am in a relationship,my girlfriend Jen of 2 years and has been great.I admit Jen has changed my life in a positive way and is out too.Have a nickname I am proud of,"Gretchen" and everyone knows I am a redneck woman,always will be

Hi and Welcome ...

nice to have you on board Confusedmile:

Hey Danielle, welcome to the forum. Feel free to join us in the chat and say hi. (The button is at the top of the page on that toolbar thingy.)

Welcome to GS. Congratulations on coming out 2 years ago and finding love Smile

Welcome to GS Big Grin

Welcome Gretchen ! Smile What is oiygfo, USA...?

Welcome to GS Big Grin

Hello. Welcome Smile

Thanks and Have been with Jen for 2 years whom I love.If you want to know how I got my nickname "Gretchen",do not not be afraid to ask.I knew I was a lesbian at an early age.I just typed the ,Mi in because I was in a hurry.I will change that.My mom and stepdad John,twin sister Delana and my younger brother Gregory are glad I am out of the closet

Welcome Big Grin
At first I thought you were a GUY called Daniel Leg Tongue

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