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Good Morning
I thought I'd take a moment and introduce myself. I'm David, currently living in the valley of the sun. Ok, that place that in the summer you wonder why they just didn't build it on the frackin sun. Valley my butt.

I'm 57 in human years, who know how many in gay years. I know for dogs, it's seven years to every one year. I noticed there are lots of young folk here so I may not fit in well. We'll see. I was around for the Stonewall riots and the beginning of the gay movement. Hopefully if needed, I will be able to share those experiences with anyone who cares to hear it. It's amazing how far things have come in just one life time.

I have one child and two grand children. Back in the day it was scary to be gay and most gay men tried to fit in by having families and attempting the hetero thing.

I was in a long term relationship that lasted for 15 years. My partner died a few years back in a drowning accident at our home. I'm just now feeling like getting back out in the world and maybe find someone to share my life with, or at least share some time with. So far all I've met are assholes. Can I say asshole on this site?

I spent close to 30 years (longer than most of you are old) in the computer business as a geek. Yep, pocket protector, taped glasses, the whole bit. After losing my partner I made lots of changes. I'm now working in a casino and wondering why I didn't make that change many years ago. It's a blast and I love it.

After I lost my partner I pretty much cut myself off from the rest of the world, and like I said, I'm just trying to find my way back in.

I'll stick around for a bit. probably just lurk and see if I have anything to contribute.

Why shouldn't age be a factor on whether or not you fit in?

Welcome. My condolences for the loss or your partner. Working in a casino sounds fun!

Hello, Dat, and welcome. Nothing wrong with lurking and this other old timer would love to hear your stories. I too was married for a long time and have children and grandchildren.

Hi and Welcome !

I think you are right here ... and it seems it is nice to have you here Confusedmile:

Hey Dat, welcome! Your age makes no difference to if you will fit in here or not. Look forward to getting to know you

Hello David and Welcome to GaySpeak. I'd like to hear some stories too, and about the casino, why not?

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