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Painful anal sex
Well better late then never on this one

I have both topped and bottomed and the same advice that was given me may help you.
Though a bit crude it is true as your partner is penetrating push out like you would when defecating.it relaxes the sphincter and is less painful. Mind you it will still hurt until you become accustomed to it but then WWWHHHHHHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO

anal sex does hurt...what you need to practice on is to get used to it...

take it slow.
start small and work up to it.
also do it at the right moment.

plan it too much and its destined to fail.
it should be spontanious while kissing or making out.

Well I am no expert (lol) but taking it slow is a good start. I gotta tell ya, that for me it was a big chanlenge. I am pretty much a top, but when it came down to it I wanted my partner to feel like he was getting what he needed out of the relationship as well so I relented. OMG it hurt the first time! The second time was no picnic either. After that it steadily got better and now days if the guy turns me on in that way (which strangely I find some guys do) then I really like it. As with everything, practice makes perfect, and it really does have a lot to do with muscle control. lol ya gotta work with it Cool

i wonder if there are first timers who weren't hurt at all....

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