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Hello! I'm new to these forums, and I would like to make an intriduction so that I'm not just a stranger going around this place.

I'm a 16-year-old mexican boy, who is 4 feet 10 inches tall >_<.

I came to this forum searching for a place where I could openly speak my mind without anyone looking at me strangely, and I arrived to this place.

So I hope I can make friends here.

Hurro and welcome to gayspeak!

I hope you find what you are looking for!

hey, welcoem to the forums :3

Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate this!

You are welcome!

Welcome! Oh and I love short men! Don't be mad or worried about your height. I prefer guys who are shorter (since I'm 5'4.9"). You have a man though and I'm happy for ya!

Thanks for the welcome =D

And don't take me wrong, I knew I was going to be short since I was little and I got used to it. I'm not growing anymore and I don't really mind, but people do seem to think lowly of me because of it >.> and yeah, I do have a man and I consider myself lucky for it =)

Awesome! That's awesome that you are in a relationship and you're lucky about it. Yes, my last partner was 16 when I first got into a relationship with him. He's 19 now and I find it really sad that he left me this year. It's really not cool, I figured he would be together forever. He thought he was too young to get into such a commitment... no, very wrong. He was super mature when he was 16. He should have been ultra grateful (especially since he had me since he was 16 and he called me his life partner!) for having me and we could have worked things out.

My partner is 28, and I love him to death. I do not understand why people change opinions so suddenly, if I must be honest. I'm sorry for the loss of your boy, but if he left you like that, then he's not worth it. I'm usre you can find someone who is better than him. =)

Hi and Welcome ! :-)

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