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Uhh is my sig too violent for this forum?
I recently changed my sig and I have a feeling some may not like it... but what do you think? I have made a poll for this. If it's not really good, I'll change it with no problem.

I say it sucks for the guys who started the fight!

Alright. I voted no on it. I don't think it's violent. Personally I think it's ultra hilarious. If you guys know what the references (Dee Jay and Old Zangief) are... you'll get and you'll find it funny.

I've seen worse Tongue some people put some gross stuff on their sigs for laughs...

it's not bad... I can never stop watching GIFs o.O they hypnotise me

It's not to violent for me, but than again i spent $60 to watch men fight in a cage last night so.....yeah.

absolutely Y E S

I must reject....

I feel it might be violent, but my partner here says says no... and considering that I've seen worse, Ill just go with keeping it.

epic beard man Smile
love that video

gona go with no..

Its ok.
This is the internet i guess......
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

not too bad kind of funny young tried to take on old guy and gets whipped LESSON for all the young guys lol

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