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How did you know?
When i was 10 or so i realised i was different but never fully understood what the term gay meant. I never had a proper research until i was 16. But have never had an interest in females at all.

I just knew. I wasn't attracted to girls, only to guys and I knew that wasn't normal.
I never went through a "confused" phase or anything but there was one point in my life where I tried forcing myself to be straight. It obviously didn't work out. Rolleyes

Eh around 8th grade I found porn or actually Yaoi (Japanese Cartoon Porn) and well I pretty much knew what gay was and well I accepted it. I had looked at plenty of straight porn from other friends and well it did nothing to me except seeing the dick before it went in. Anyways, yeah I never rejected my sexuality and nor should anyone else :/

When I was 12 I knew I liked looking at and being around boys.....ditto for girls....just a feeling. I can't explain.


I definitely started liking girls.. I remember discovering "playboy.com" (getting my hands on an actual magazine would have been next to impossible) at 12 years old. As i discovered more porn, my interest shifted slowly towards men! I don't know what made that happen, but it did! I still had crushes on girls all through high school, but i knew i liked guys better.

I have always been friend with girls since I was really young and I even have a picture of myself as a baby dressing as a girl. Everyone already call me gay since I was in 1st grade, but back then I don't know anything about being gay and all that yet...I just know that I'm different from other boys. I have always been interested in DICK, even though I didn't hit puberty yet back then. I would play with little baby dick and stuff and try to squeeze it and I still remember all those moments. Sometime I even fantasy about me taking shower with a boy in my class and all that.

I was considering myself straight since I ever knew the concept of sexuality. I don't remember when that was, but let's say it was a very long time ago. I was 13 years old when I had feelings for a couple of boys that went to my junior high school. I was a bit baffled by this and I ignored this for quite some time. I figured it was a phase and I didn't believe I was gay. Sometime in 2001, I learned more about homosexuality through health class. I told myself one day that it wouldn't matter which sexual orientation I truly was.

As the 2000's progressed, I thought I had "gay tendencies" and I ignored this. I was pretty much afraid of this and I kept telling myself that I was straight. By 2007, my best friend (who would become my partner a year later) was telling me more and more about homosexuality. I was coming to a conclusion that I was gay, but I wasn't 100% sure on this. Then my best friend becomes my boyfriend in early 2008 and I come to a conclusion that I'm gay. This is not definitive and I'm still a bit unsure. I'm totally in love with this guy and I was never in love with a guy before. I was thinking that I was perhaps bisexual or pansexual. I also thought I was maybe exclusively into my partner only and he was the only guy I was attracted to while I was attracted to mainly the opposite sex.

I totally ruled out the fact that I was bisexual as I found the opposite sex to be pretty unappealing to me. I came to a final conclusion and that final conclusion was that I'm gay by 2009 and this year. However, there were some problems with that. My partner considered himself bi and then claimed to be an "ex-gay" by early 2010... he was arguing with me about my sexuality. He said he was young and he told me something like "so I was 15 and I really convinced you that you're gay?"... however I knew was, it's just that I never told anyway. These days my ex now considers himself straight, but that's a different story.

Yes, it's a pretty long story. I'm gay and that's pretty much it. I hope this helps ya out.

Good question, I never knew what gay was until I was in my teens. But in elementary school I use to hang out with girls only and we talked about guys lol Smile

I didn't notice my interest in guys until around 4th and 5th grade. Before that, I only had interest in girls. I still find girls somewhat attractive, just not sexually attractive.

I was still in kindergarten. Uh, three Japanese high school students ended up being punished with detention because of my naughtiness. They were three hot Japanese guys with a huge bike. It was hard to resist.

Honestly it wasn't their fault at all. Okay so they accepted my naughtiness but the fault was mine.

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