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I doubt that many here will be completely unaware of the challenges that have been faced by the people of this beautiful land since the promise of its independence was buried beneath the tyranny of Robert Mugabe. I am not sure to what extent life has improved since Morgan Tsvangirai, his long-time political opponent, was appointed Prime Minister. To this day Peter Tatchell bears the damage from the time when Mugabe's bodyguards knocked him unconscious for attempting to perform a "citizen's arrest" on Mr Mugabe in 2001 in Brussels on account of the president's flouting international law against torture (PT had already attempted something similar a couple of years earlier in London). Mr Mugabe is on record as saying that glbt men and women are lower than dogs and should not expect to have any human rights. Consequently life has been very tough there for glbt people.

What a refreshing read then is this article by legal practitioner and former magistrate Tazorora TG Musarurwa. It seems like a very brave move to write so openly in the current climate. Xyxthumbs

Should homosexuals have rights in new Zim constitution?

Thanks for this newsy post, darling. You do your best to keep up all politically up to date. Where is Vigilias???

Good read... He's got a good head on his shoulders. He doesn't suggest anything radical, just reasonable!

Waka Waka

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