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hello everyone!
haylo friends, i'm curtlecritic, but you guys can just call me curtle. i'm a 33 year old male and i travel between LA and NY. i work as a theater critic and casting director. feel free to take a look at my profile.

i'm really looking forward to meeting you (online at least, and at first!). everyone loves a place where you can relax and be yourself!

curtle. Confusedmile:

Hello and welcome. You seem to have made yourself at home already Wink

Welcome to GS Smile Have a great time and Im glad you have a job youre passionate about Smile

Hello Curtle i was going to welcome you but with 21 posts it's seem you've already made yourself at home.
Keep'em coming Curtle

Just wondering ... how can you be a critic and NOT be yourself???? It seems a contradiction in terms but maybe you'd like to explain... In any case, Welcome to GaySpeak. We hope you'll make some nice contributions.

hey curtle welcome to the forums Big Grin

[SIZE=2]I think you're the first Critic to join us.Confusedmile:

Enjoy your stay!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Hello Curtle!

welcome to the forums, good to have you here ^^

Hi there and welcome to GS. I hope to see around and you post.

Hi and Welcome.

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