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hot gay male actors... but are they gay? and does it matter?
so i'm new to the forum, and i thought i'd post something that i'm currently looking at and working on. i meet a lot of young male actors, and i see a lot of audition pieces. i'm a BIG theater guy, and "a chorus line" is something i'm in love with.

this is my favorite monologue performed by a young actor.

and here it is performed by jason tam (who i love to death!)

and by a young guy named gram cumming

now, none of these young actors are gay, and to be honest i sometimes wonder if it matters in my casting choice. none of my straight friends thinks it makes a difference, but i don't know.


Othello was always played by a white actor blacking up. Then we went through a time when only an actor of African origin would be acceptable. I've no idea where we are now, although my preference is to see someone who looks the part. If an actor can do the job without resorting to insulting stereotype, does it matter?

i think though rarely does an actor MEAN to resort to stereotypes. but it does happens, there's no doubt about this. of the three actors above, i don't think any of them OVERDO it (which would be to run into a stereotype), though i think gram might miss a few elements.

i will say though all of them are gorgeous!

Just love that monologue from a Chorus Line, I was looking for it to show how touching that scene is; Thank you Curtle for YouTubing it here. Confusedmile:

awww, you're very welcome princealberto! did you have any feedback on the three auditions? the last one's a little long but cover the same ending. even though the first guy seems a little home-made, i think the performance itself is very moving. i feel gram had a very warm approach, but jason IS hard to go past.

my favourite one was Jason Tam's interpretation... you can see that the jury is not impartial to him either

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