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Hello again, hope you are all swell.
Hello guys, long time no see!
Hope you are well and those i dont know a special hello and nice to meet you.
Have been away for sometime.. that's about 2 years hehe Have been so busy it is not even a joke. Non stop. Disoriented
Tomorrow i am of to a holiday that i need so much. I am escaping the cold weather for a couple of week and could not be happier, sorry dont mean to rub it in! Astrosmiley2
The forum looks great. I like the changes and especially the facebook-like messenger is great. Bravo Andy lovely changes.

Hello, spoty, lovely to see you here again! Have a great holiday and don't forget about us. Don't forget to bring me back something hard and sticky - a stick of rock, of course :tongue:

I miss seeing you and PA having conversations in Greek. I never tire of seeing how clever my man is Rolleyes

I'm glad you are having a long deserved holiday... Are you just going back to Greece or treating yourself to some other sunny land??? Have a good time and send us a postcard, lol.... Well, a text message will do.
καλές διακοπές

Welcome back.:eek:
Not sure if we have ever both been active on here at the same time Spoty. But i have read alot of your posts.Confusedmile:
When you come back, will you be joining us more often?Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Hi there! I don't know you that well since I joined back in August 2010. You've been here nearly 4 years. Welcome back! A lot has changed on this board over time.

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