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Genersis has reached 1000 Posts!
Congrats Genersis for reaching 1000 posts! Hurah!

~D5~ Wrote:congrats dude, I best get a move on if I want to catch up....
There's no need to get a move on......
I'm sure it wont be that hard.:redface:
fredv3b Wrote:Congrats, me wonders if I need to post more often.
I feel like i've maybe talked so much about posting more that everyone else is feeling like they have to, heh.:tongue:

You post plently Fred. But i must admit, i do like your posts. So i wouldn't mind seeing a few more.:biggrin:

Jay Wrote:Congrats Genersis for reaching 1000 posts! Hurah!

Oh, and I've got another idea for a user title.Confusedmile:
"Can't Help but Help!"
I can't remember where i first used this line. But i've used it before a few times.
So what do you guys think?:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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