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I think level of arousal plays a part too, I tend to have rather underwhelming orgasms from masturbation compared to with a partner.

marshlander Wrote:Enjoy the option of a quick performance while you have youth on your side, Timmy! One of the claims for edging is to increase the intensity and length of the actual (and eventual) orgasm.

Chaos Men alias Brian Ockert has a site where he specialises in Edging. He's issued videos to that effect. He sits a man on a chair then ties his arms in his backs, so he can't use his arms and hands, then blindfolds him and sets some noise or music in his ears by way of headphones. Thus blinded to sound and sight, he gets started on his man, who then have no other choice than to submit to his licking, sucking, masturbating, and what have you... The videos are quite intense... I think I've read him say somewhere that if the man is about to come too quickly, he quickly stops whatever he's doing to make it last longer. The climaxes seem quite powerful.

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