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Extreme Sports - Snowboarding

[Image: Shaun-White-Snowboarding-Soundtrack-Revealed-1.jpg]

Snowboarding is a bit like skateboarding, except you board on snow and not on the streets or on a vert. I don't much about this extreme sport, but I remember it being popular in the late 1990's. That's when I first became aware of it. I was never a snowboarder, but I wanted to get into it. It looks like real fun. I had a couple of friends who snowboarded. By the way, that's Shaun White in the picture. He's the ONLY snowboarder I know that does it professionally. He's a skateboarder as well.

[Image: snowboarding3.jpg]

So anyone here into snowboarding?

Nah! The thing about snowboarding is that, it has a high probability of me hurting myself while while learning to to so i never tried.

That's what I was thinking over time. I would most likely hurt myself while learning it as well. Who knows, maybe I'd do well.

I love snowboarding.... just started landing 360s for the first time this season.

i wish i could do that. the problem is, we don't have snows here.. hehe

i love snowboarding ive always wanted to go to an espn snowboarding show

i'll be re-applying for my US Visa anytime soon... i'm having second thoughts.....because of the weather

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