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Golden Showers
Haha, looks like I'm gonna take a whole bunch of sneering here but I don't have a big problem with it...

I wouldn't drink it, but me and my first mate did it in the shower, just on the body and stuff :tongue: it's not a major turn on but it was just something we did at the time and it was kinda fun. As long as it's somewhere where you can wash off after I don't find it a big deal; some of the porn is a bit offputting sometimes. Like most sports, better to participate in than watch...

posterpicture Wrote:Something funny:
I put on my profile that I like "water sport" ( which is another slang for this golden shower ) but I honestly like water sport which means sport underwater. A lot of people miss understood :-ss

that is quality.....LMFAO.....very funny :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

my son tried to set up a "hot male" e-mail account and got more than he bargained for!!!!!....very funny at the time if I remember :biggrin:

I havent been on GaySpeak much lately because i have been researching this very subject. The mistique intrigued me and I wanted to investigate further so I did allot of research on it. I joined a forum, watched numerous videos and consulted various informative reference sites.

Pee is made up of 95 percent water and the other five percent is made up of minerals and waste products, more specifically urea, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, inorganic and organic compounds. It is relatively safe to drink in small amounts. It is far less toxic then smoking cigarettes and it generally taste no worst than beer or a shot of hard liquor. The taste, smell and color can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking the more yellow the pee is the more awful its going to taste and smell. The more clear the pee is the less awful its going to taste and smell. Want to know what pee taste like but dont want to actually taste it? Pee in a cup and smell it. Thats what it taste like (generally bitter and salty if its yellow and smells bad). The reason being is the stuff that gives the pee its color and smell is the 5% minerals and waste products. This is a good piece of information to have if you are into water sports or consuming pee. Generally speaking if a person is peeing clear then its almost but not quite like getting sprayed by or drinking warm water. The moral of the story is drink lots and lots of water before your planned activitys so the pee is clear and diluted.

Why would somebody into water sports? Because its what turns them on. Turns out anything that has to do with urine or urination can turn these people on. It isnt just golden showers (being peed on) or golden baths (being peed in). It includes wetting clothes, voyeurism (watching people pee), desperation (having to pee and holding it) and exhibitionism (Having others watch you pee). They are turned on by the sight, touch, taste and smell of pee. My motto would be to each there own. I learned allot while doing the research I did and I am much more open minded about it now. I am all peed out now and cant wait to discuss normal subjects again, whatever "normal" is.

NORMAL : National Organization for the Revision of Marijuana Laws

just a question and for your answers ill give you an admittance, im one of these "Freaks" that like this kind of these things :redface:

but i have never heard of a "goldenbath/peed in" what does that mean?

edit: never mind i googled it lol

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