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Hitting the Wall
So I’m about to share to much information, so stop reading if you’re bashful.

Okay here is the deal so last night I had a pretty fun night of hockey an about 4 hours of MMA and after my night of aggressive sports I was felling..well lets just say my beard was filled manly testosterone. So I get home about 1:50 feeling still felling….well I’ll say this if I had a significant other last night, it would have been on like Donkey Kong as the kids say these days. I decide to work it off an put on my gloves an work the heavy bag < not a euphemism) for a while. So now it’s it about 3ish in the am and I’m still feeling all jazzed up, so than I grab my laptop. I load up some girl on girl porn an lay back, AN NOTHING HAPPENS!!! I get 7 minutes into a 26mins video and little Timmy < total euphemism) isn’t waking up.

I mean not a few days ago I was bragging about my speed on this very forum, an now I can’t even get it up. I pause the video and decide to get up an pace around for a minute than get back to business but I get distracted by TV Cops was on an there was some crazy dude trying to pick up hookers while in handcuffs, it was really funny but it made me lose it again.

On the plus side I was only by myself so the only one I disappointed was myself, again on the plus I didn’t have to make an awkward apology or have the even more awkward conversation about how it happens to everyone sometimes. Oh yeah I also got this funny little tale to tell about how a I’m so sexual inept I can’t even satisfy myself, seriously boys the proposal line starts on the left.:biggrin:

try different porn?
not that big of a deal that you where on a flop... just a one of I'd imagine.

it happens to the best of us man... you get home from kick boxing your out of smokes... its 230 am and you sign into your favorit free porn site and the general hasnt had coffee. this happened once with me and my ex.. i felt so bad becuase i swear he started crying...

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