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The Beaver
IMDb Video: The Beaver: Trailer #1

This is a new movie that is going to star Mel Gibson. He plays a troubled man who communicates with a beaver hand puppet. I must say that this is highly original, yet also extremely creepy at the same time. In fact, I believe this one of the most original movies I've encountered in years. Don't believe me? Watch the trailer above.

For more info. Go here: The Beaver (2011) - IMDb

well not a big fan of the bigoted Mel but looks like it just may be worth watching.

Like Jodie Foster.

Yeah this seems like a strange little film, I'll probably catch when it comes to dvd or on the TV.

wow... I was quite intrigued until it took a bit of a glory twist near the end; I think if you're gonna do a kooky film you should just go all out to make it fucked up - Being John Malkovich etc.

Looks a tad predictable; Mel seems to like playing misunderstood guys who suddenly find their way through the nurturing of family and zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I'm thinking about going to the movie theatre to watch this. I can't Mel Gibson now... however, I'd like to watch it anyway. I liked the old Mel Gibson before all the bullshit drama he has caused.

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