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Curious and Curiouser....
Hi, I'm new to this and am very shy about what I have to say...


I'm a 20 something male that stumbled upon an encounter with another man...

I don't consider myself to be gay as such, but what happened to me was amazing and I can't stop thinking about it.. Let's just say I never thought my mouth was capable of that!


It feels so wrong, but SO right at the same time (does that make sense?)

I want to do it MORE... I need advice!

I'm not quite sure what advice you need! it seems like a statement rather than a question...

Yes your statement makes a lot of sense ^^ - you enjoyed your first experience with a guy and you want to do it again - no problem so far as I can tell.

I think when you start out experimenting that initial sense of it being a bit wrong and naughty is part of the turn on, and with a whole lot of luck and effort it blossoms into something much more (if you're a loving kinda guy).

From what I can see my advice would be that you don't need advice! you had a great time and you don't seem to feel in any emotional turmoil over it. If you're worried about coming out and being a gay man, as 99% of us did, there are a number of ways to bite the bullet.

If you feel you are wanting to engage in a lot of random hook-ups and gay sex, the "MORE!" part, there's nothing wrong with that if you are careful... Note there are some STI's passable through oral sex, just another annoyingly frightening thing to consider next time you want to have fun Rolleyes

Take care of yourself and have fun BigBoy

Well you enjoyed it good do it again and again be happy

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