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anyone in australia??
hi just wanting to chat to some people in australia? People 16 and under

Hello. I'm an nz child. I'm 18 though. I hope you enjoy the forum and make lots of friends!

Hi I'm 17 just 1 year above your 16 limit, I'm from Aus

Hello. Welcome. Don't talk to me. I'm old Wink

Hey. :] I think there are actually a couple of people from Australia here besides aethe, who will meet ur citeria. But why limit urself to only that region?
Btw, Santa gave me a traveller's guide to Australia and I'm more than eager to read it.. :]

i always wanted to travel to austraila seriously.

nice to hear, Australia have some decent landmark like Uluru, Opera House, etc XD

it has decent landmarks like Uluru, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, etc

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