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It dosnt look right..
i need some help i think there is something wrong with my dick it dosnt look right! T_T
its leeching on a side soo now its not straight try'd making to leech on the other side but ah didnt work.... help please....

Some variety in penis morphology is normal, some curvature isn't something to be worried about unless it's extreme (and by extreme this is like practically pointing at a diagonal) and causing you discomfort. If you're concerned you should speak with a doctor, but there's probably nothing wrong with you.

Well considering your age, it may be going through changes. It most likely isn't anything to be worried about. If you're really really concerned and you feel it's a problem, you should go see a urologist.

Dicks come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes. Some are straight and some are curved. The curve can be to the left, right, up or down. Some even have a double bend in them. All these variations are normal. Unless it's not performing its proper functions or is causing you pain it's unlikely there is anything to worry about. If you think you have a cause for concern see a doctor.

Yup, I gotta second and third all of these...

my first boyfriend had a 'curve' like you're talking about... trust me, sometimes it's a bonus :tongue:

this is perfectly normal, and like the guys above said, a difference in shape is normal and nothing to worry about, seriously.

must agree with the others here

Hey hows the curve doing now? Did you see a doctor yet? The reason I urge you to is because the curve might be caused by Peyronie's Disease in which case it may get worse with time. Don't worry though, PD is not a real disease (just oddly named). It's also quite common; 1 in 20 men will get it in their lifetimes. Just see a doctor ASAP. Worst case scenario it is PD and you have to wear a penis stretcher for 3 months, 4 hours per day. It's not too bad.

There is probably nothing really wrong with your penis, Solitary. Curvature can happen, at all angles, as the others have said. Sometimes the angle can be a bonus for the partner. You are only 14 and probably don't need to worry about it, but if your penis is giving you trouble in its natural functions, then a doctor should see what is causing the trouble. I rather doubt that Peyronie's Disease would be your problem at such an early age, but only the doctor will be able to know that for sure. Be careful not to treat your penis too harshly however when you are playing with it, it is possible to "break" it if there is a strong shock while erect, and that might end up in scarring tissue which will angle your penis probably more. I think this is probably a rare condition though.

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