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Trouble getting all the way hard
hey guys. for almost 2 years now i've had issues with my peen. i feel like either theres been nerve damage, or the muscls that contract the head and top of the penis don't really work.. the bottom one still does.. so to get off, i have to strain really hard to keep it hard and cum.. and usually by that point the muscle is so tight, the climax seems kind of constricted, blocked and painful. and my urethra gets slightly inflamed.

I've read for hours. I'm not sure what this is. Could it just be really bad anxiety? I've been checked out for all STDs, blood tests. The sensations just feel dulled and like i can't really feel it the samme way. at times i've thought its herpes or something but never had an outbreak or discharge.

Thanks guys

Did you go to a urologist for this? If not, go see one right away and tell the urologist about all of this. It might really bad anxiety. I have no idea, urologists know and I'm not one. They know for sure. Please go to a urologist right away.

Depending on your age, all sorts of complications can cause erectile dysfunction. Causes can range from high blood pressure to depression. Cutie is right, you should see a doctor about this, it could be related to a serious medical problem.

You might (keyword is might), might.... have to go on Viagra. But hey! Ya know maybe, maybe not. If you state how old you are (some don't like to say an exact age you can say you're like uh 30's, 40's, whatever you are), then that'll help us out.

thanks guys. i'm 27. i've seen a urologist once.. he checked out my testes with a scanner thing.. i think cause thats where i thought the pain was originating.. but i feel like now its something else.

again i've spent lots of time checking it out online only to be more confused. yeah i'll try to call the urologist today

You're a young guy then. Good luck with this.

hi Anonymous, sorry to hear about your problem...

it's a personal question - but have you ever used a vaccuum/penis pump/ or done jelqing excercises? I have heard of cases where people trying to enlarge there penis have caused themselves damage through stretching and tearing ligaments, causing damage to muscles. This is just an idea, don't read anything into it!

Is it accompanied by any discolouration, irregular swelling or shape, or bruising? these are often signs that the tissues inside your old buddy are not working as they should be.

Lastly, how long has this been happening? with the painful sensation you described it sounds like your urethra may be slightly inflamed or irritated, which could be caused by any number of things. I would talk to a urologist, ask about a course of antibiotics (to rule out any idea of non-sexual infection) and see what his opinion is.

This is Sil, amateur phalliotrician, signing off. Best of luck Anon. x

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